Dividend Capturing

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Topper, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Has anyone here ever considered or tried dividend capturing as a trading strategy?
  2. Wade Cook...

    But he's bankrupt.
  3. Topper


    Lol. I remember that guy (heh heh)! Now there are other stock trading gurus who also try to charge for their "educational" seminars. I kinda feel sorry for those who blindly buy into a trading seminar because they hear an ad for it on the radio. I myself like going to the 'initial' sales pitch seminars to get the sales people flustered by my avalanche of questions. You guys should try it sometime! It kinda has the same adrenaline rush as crashing a wedding!

    There's one guy right now who's pushing his seminars on the public where I attended the sales pitch seminar and could not stop shaking my head at the ignorance there is in the public. The sales guy put a timeframe of some stock on the overhead and talked about what he called "the MAC-D" He then went on to show the cross up, and the stock going up, and then a cross down and the stock going down and then followed it up with, "wouldn't you like to learn more about the MAC-D and other indicators?"

    The amazement and ignorance in the audience was my cue for which I then started my detailed questioning and got him pissed off to the point of insulting my city! LOL Was awesome.

    You guys should really try it sometime... it's a rush.