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  1. LMAO

    It takes spydertrader 7 trades to make less than $100 ... not quite the same performance you are alluding to here, Jack. :D
    7 trades or bust!
  2. Oh wow, another sub-genius.

    Glad to hear it guy, the last one failed miserably at creating an automated system based on the Jack Hershey trading paradgim, and the last I heard of him he was stating that he could make $1,000 per $800 of equity in his FOREX account by trading the method discretionary.

    greatreturn flames out

    Got an honest question for ya.

    Do you guys all take the same bus to ET? :p
    "a mere drop in the ocean compared to the possibilties ..." you got that right, just don't be like this guy: Blowing out isn't worth it

    Yes, please continue. The market absolutely loves your type. :D
  3. So what?

    Go back and do it again.
  4. Kindly help an old man find the wealthy SCT traders. I have watched for them on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". Looked for them in interviews in Active Trader. Searched in vain for them to opine in "Heard on the Street". I guess I also missed their interviews with Maria Bartiromo. Can ANYBODY cite an SCT trader getting rich? Wealth leaves tracks. Pecker tracks. Angry counterparties. Envious neighbors. Police reports of wild parties. Hookers suing for abusive treatment. Illegitimate children. To paraphrase from the 30's, "Where are all the SCTer's yachts?" Just ONE reliable public citation and I will retire this alias.
  5. Good job "cleaning up" the other thread TUMS.

    Just because you've erased the posts that Neoxx made showing that he doesn't have a clue, lost his money trading on Friday to the tune of about $500, and was begging anyone to help him, doesn't mean it didn't happen ... yep, another SCT Boot Camp success story! :D
  6. Why do you feel obliged to make trading so complicated, Jack?
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  7. No, that's how Jack talks to all the nOObs who try his "system" and fail miserably (as you were destined to).

    The fact of the matter is that you don't have a clue and never should have been in the market with a live account last Friday trying to trade this nonsense in the first place.

    Live and learn. Which you won't, be we will. :cool: :D
  8. That was dissapointing to me too.

    I wanted a record of the boot camp. Several of my posts were deleted as well.

    So far, I cannot take any attachments to paint and have then sized for my annotating. They are either too big or, when reduced, the needed cality dissappears.

    You orient to giving people fish to eat and you keep phishing.

    I wanted to go through a brief 22 day process to get the foundation and building blocks of each level of trading in a short forum that was a result of some people doing some work. I chose an ATS thread to kill two birds with one effort; that won't happen either.

    So far no charts, no logs, no work.
  9. LOL ... another SCT millionaire in the making.

    Break out the yachts ... :D :p
  10. Yeah, right.

    Now you're the expert and the ardent pupil.

    LOL, where were you when Neoxx needed you the most?

    LOL, that was priceless. :D
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