Divergence Trading Works

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by T1P1, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. You are absolutely correct Browns.. especially when after a splendid chart of a divergence trade is posted, there is the accompanying actual real money trade record to further add validity! And of course there is a long term daily record of ALL trades to further substantiate this amazing indicator!

    I must be daft to not be sending the OP some private messages on tutoring and the like!
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  2. T1P1


    News flash there lightning, when you see negative divergence between price and order flow and then price goes down it is not a false signal it is a divergence signalling weakness and offering opportunity to astute traders.

    In the chart below there as divergence in V94 which is an oscillator and also in NNT which is not and right after the market dropped over 20 points - is that another false divergence?

    Rather than knocking my work, why don't you show us something of yours that is better.
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  3. wrbtrader


    It will be impossible for someone to show you there's something better than your product unless they had access to your product for adequate comparison (testing) to determine which product is better.

    The same is true for you. Thus, it will be impossible for you to determine if someone's method involving divergence is better than your divergence product unless you had access to his/her divergence method. :cool:

    Out of curiosity, can you show one of your divergence signals not working as in resulting as a losing trade via showing on a chart exactly where the entry was and exactly where the exit was at. ???

    The reason why I ask the above question because most traders using any divergence (price/indicator) can "visually" see them without any fancy codes. The problem is the entry price, initial stop/loss protection, trailing stop, profit target and other trade management issues after entering a trade.

    Thus, does this divergence indicator you're using also automatically highlight or tell you at what specific price to enter the trade, where to place the initial stop/loss, trailing stop when trade goes your way, profit targets or is that something that's manually determined by the user ???
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