Divergence Trading Works

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by T1P1, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. T1P1


    Divergence Trading works and it works better when you look at divergence between price and actual buying and selling volumes rather than divergences between price and indicators derived from price

    For Order Flow Divergence Traders, today, 09/13, was a dream.

    Intra-session there were 2 major tops and 1 bottom, each good for more than 10 points.

    Below are 3 charts that show the divergences between price and order flow that provided prrecise entries at each of these 3 local extremes.

    At a little after 7 PST there was the top shown below w/ith price/order flow negative divergence

    The Next 2 extremes' charts will be posted in the next 2 posts.
  2. T1P1


    Mid-Session 09/13 there was the low shown in the attached chart with attending divergence.
  3. T1P1


    This late session top showed these same divergences and was good for another 10 points.

    Three great divergence trades in one day.
  4. yeah i know it,order flow prorata volume indicator is da best!
  5. Do you work for Pat/UrmaBlume? Are you the banned Pat/UrmaBlume? Or just a really happy subscriber?

    Chart is from the banned UrmaBlume. He's been pushing his wares at TL and now those magical charts show up again on ET.

    Here's the best part -- Pat went on and on @ TL about how his stuff was so great, it wasn't for sale, etc. etc.

    Guess what? Now you can buy the magic for $1400/yr.

    Just the standard 'I got the holy grail for sale' crap. Once again - if it was so good, why on Earth would it be sold for $1400/yr?

    Will you post actual real-time charts or just the pretty after the fact charts that Pat loves to post?

  6. T1P1


    The charts demonstrate patterns that repeat themselves and help me find turning points.

    The pattern in the 1,000 contract contract bar chart shown here with the divergence seems to find at least one trade every day since I have had the software.

    Learning these patterns of divergence is valuable - your stalking and bashing is not. Jealous?
  7. Ignoring the questions once again Pat?

    Aren't you banned from ET?

    Maybe answer the questions instead of just spamming your site.
  8. piezoe


    looks mighty colorful in the nice pictures, but just a little too nice. now show and discuss some of the cases where it fails miserably or is ambiguous and we might pay attention.
  9. greenery


    You're here to sell things aren't you :( People like make trading 10 times worse for people trying to get into the business. Please go into weight loss supplements or how to buy real estate with no money down course. F***
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    There are a lot of forums about markets and trading and posts like yours are the reason ET is void of meaningful content as compared to Traders Laboratory or even Big Mikes.
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