divergence in 1min charts

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  1. Is oscialltors divergence also valid in 1min charts?
  2. I use 5min charts for N100 stocks.
    Stochastic divergences around 12:00 and 13:00 are really GREAT and rarely false !!
    Both bullish AND bearish...
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  4. Yes, but I also confirm/filter it by using a higher time frame.

    But, if you are not using a higher timeframe, stick to the strategy that a one minute chart gets you in, and a one minute chart gets you out.
  5. I trade almost solely from 1m charts. I look to the higher timeframes for support and resistance. I FINALLY became profitable using this.

  6. Yes, you'll get more signals, but you get more losers, too.

    A 3 minute chart is a good one to use. I used to use the 2
    minute a lot, until I started using tick charts.

    Actually, what you could do is use a 3 minute for your
    signals and a 1 minute to trail your stop loss.
  7. Ditch


    As valid as a coin flip
  8. You have to understand how the "divergences" emerge. They are usually due to quick price movement (whatever timeframe) where the oscillator had not had time to catch up with price, and mean reversion of price. Conversely, slow price movement followed by faster movement can cause a divergence. In both cases, price, volume, and velocity will tell you what's happening.

    Indicators and oscillators are completely useless as standalone. They are wholly derived from price, volume, and time.

    When a divergence appears, it can just as often disappear as the oscillator continues in one direction.
  9. ADX_trader,

    It doesn't matter what others think...

    regardless if they say it makes them money or not.

    What's important is if it makes you money...consistently.

    Only you can answer that and nobody can answer it for you.

    My suggestion...if you have not tested the merits of divergence signals on 1min charts...

    do so now via reviewing about a years worth of data...

    manually reviewing...printing out charts of everytime if failed and of everytime it did not failed

    Then reveiw those charts closely to find any commonalities among those that failed...

    so that you'll know what to avoid.

    Just the same...look for commonalities among those that did not failed...

    so that you'll know what merits a trade.

    What may be dirt to one trader...may be gold nuggets to another trader.

    By the way...what oscillators are you using or thinking about using?

    Good night all.

  10. I agree with Nisha.......

    Whatever makes $ for you.

    Obviously some poster here have tried divergence and tried 1m charts and not had success.

    I'll mention again, I use 1m charts and divergence from an indicator and finally became profitable using this.

    So, to your original question about 1m charts, my answer of course is yes they are extremely useful. I guess it just comes down to them working for you.

    Here's a point: you'll always get a reversal on a 1m chart before any other timeframe.

    On indicators: Yes they reflect what price and volume are doing, but, to some people, it is just clearer seeing it in a different way. Once again, whatever works for you.
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