Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered'

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by hippie, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Retief


    Stupid ads. The companies are asking for class-action lawsuits. They should have legal review the ads or employ smarter lawyers.
  2. Bolts


    I was *practically* unemployed recently. But I played it off as being a student/self-employed. I had quit my job, spent some personal time self-teaching myself some new skills and I did get one brief freelance job during that time. I was honest about it on my resume and in interviews, and I was able to find a good job in a few months.

    Its just hard to accept that someone can be unemployed and have NOTHING going on that they can put on their resume. That would raise a red flag for me if I was hiring. Definitely a bad idea for an employer to put it so bluntly, though.

    Although really, they're doing the unemployed a favor by not wasting their time that could be spent looking for work elsewhere.
  3. S2007S


    This is getting to be a really different and interesting job market, I think its pathetic that a company wouldn't hire someone who is unemployed, making it sound like if your unemployed your pretty much worthless.
  4. The guy in the article is even more disturbing.
  5. Sounds you have learn the fine art of deception.

    What is something going on? Trading? Many employers don't want to hire a job seeker with passion for another pursuit.
  6. Bolts


    Mostly I was learning new programming languages. And I landed a job related to that. It wasn't deceptive at all, IMO.

    But I've been reading about the unemployed some more and it sounds like a lot of them are making the mistake of spending 8+ hours a day working on their job search. That really makes me feel sorry for them. When I was unemployed, I found spending more than 8 hours a *week* was beyond the point of diminishing returns in terms of getting job interviews. Better to spend all that free time doing something productive that you can put on your resume, even if its not really a job.
  7. pspr


    It's an employer's market. They can ask for what ever they want in an applicant. When the job market changes and there are more jobs chasing applicants, the rules will change. It's just the way it is. Deal with it.
  8. It's not as it appears. They are requiring employed people to cut down on the number of responses.

    Human Resource Department run amok.
  9. MattF


    well, even though it's on average 5-6:1 ratio...but when most postings get several hundred (or thousand) applications per position (even if just 1 available)...you've got to find a way to trim a lot of the fat.

    I'd be seriously willing to bet too that many who apply for these positions don't have the qualifications or even related experience...they just want a "job" to get that "paycheck."

    No one will give you a job...do your homework and tailor yourself to where you can match into something.
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