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    I have deep distrust to put $25K with any brokerage firm. What if the brokerage is not stable? What if someone tempers my account? What if someone intercepts communication between my computer and the firms? What if my account is compromised? I will lose all without any protection.

    What should I do?

    The fact is that you have no $25K.
  2. just wait till the charts hypmotise you. then you will KNOW.

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    Find the neatest rock, and get under it?
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    Problem: You don't have 25k to daytrade

    Solution: Complain all day on ET and make up stupid scenarios to make yourself feel better.
  5. Isn't this the same guy who bitched that all he had was 2k and couldn't trade, and publicly libelled IB?
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    I think that was doher.

    Get body armor for that extra peace of mind, and definately don't make purchases over the internet. And don't fly or take the train now. I think the safest place for your money is your broker. It's when you start investing that it gets risky.
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    don't trade !:cool:
  8. Don't the main direct access brokers have an equivalent of the FDIC insurance? I think TradeStation does. It's put to some limit but certainly covers 25K. Put a nice firewall on your PC and don't freak out :)
    The things you should worry about is: "What if I accidentally enter a limit in the afterhours to sell a 50 dollar stock for one penny and it gets hit before I cancel. Or confuse the ticker...
    If a hacker was interested in smth you describe, it's not your 25K account he'd be after :)
  9. Open an account right away with Bada Bing Trading, Inc.
  10. They're having an intro special for new customers only:

    Fund your account by 11-29-02 with 25 large and you'll be able to purchase 100k shares of Webistics interest free until Jan 2003.
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