District: Pa. teacher called students lazy whiners

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  1. District: Pa. teacher called students lazy whiners

    (AP) – 2 hours ago

    DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (AP) — School officials district near Philadelphia say a high school English teacher posted profanity-laced rants online that labeled her students "out of control" and "disengaged, lazy whiners."

    Central Bucks School District suspended Natalie Munroe with pay Wednesday after parents complained about the posts, which also targeted co-workers and administrators.

    District spokeswoman Carol Counihan tells the Bucks County Courier Times that Munroe admitting writing the posts. Superintendent Robert Laws says the posts should result in termination but the district is still investigating.

    A phone listing for Munroe could not immediately be located Thursday. Counihan says the blog was taken down.
  2. Now that is...

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  3. Similiar situation about a year ago, they fired the teacher, claiming he is not fit to teach.

    I'd guess the party line is: Here's a room full of lazy ass whiners, teach them, if not leave. The teacher is a lazy ass whiner na na na na nana. lmao:D

    Harummp harumpp, "ahem" my parents didn't pay my way through Haarvard to teach a bunch of lazy ass whiners, climbing over the furniture, jumping out the window putzorino's.... quit mutha fucker...no one will miss ya.....
  4. Well, that's one less $50/year pension taken out. Too bad they fired the wrong teacher. [​IMG]
  5. Lucrum


    Is the statement true? If not she should be fired. If true, she should probably be promoted to school principle.