Distribution going on ?

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  1. Anyone else notice this Tuesday and today ?

    Yesterday I could not find anything conclusive...

    A lot of large orders on SPY going through below bids (my guess is large sells).

    Anyone else feel the big SPY traders are unloading to the little guys...how long before this is out in the open and market finally notices the dollar and oil...? Look at SPY volume vs DIA or QQQQ on Tuesday..

    the trend is still not broken so...not conclusive either way...but looking at last sale (on SPY) all day has been interesting lately..
  2. with all these freakin upgrades on everything lately who knows....
  3. Pull your head out of the sand

    there is no distribution
  4. stock_trad3r,

    Please explain.
  5. why do you think apple has been upgraded like 3 times in 4 days......and the stock is going nowhere.....upgrading it to pass it on to bagholders------oldest trick in the book.
  6. There is definitely distribution going on. Today 6 billion shares traded on the NYSE and Nasdaq and the market did absolutely nothing.
  7. I have talked about this in several threads the last two weeks..........there are signs of inventory being passed off to weaker hands. I have seen this in many of the price moves the last two weeks, this also adds to the increase we have had in volatility since Thanksgiving imo.
  8. The volume today was very eye opening. If we get two more days of this kind of volume get ready for the explosion.
  9. I am loving this volatility increase so whatever the market does I am ready, willing, and able to partake in the fun!
  10. Find it amusing when someone says something like this with so much certainity. This is a constantly learning process...reading tea leaves always is...guess not for stocktrad3r. He/she/it has seen the light...:)
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