distanced prop trading for non-residents - need a suggestion

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mr.bunz, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. mr.bunz


    greetings, guys!
    my story: im a private trader, acting from home now, but working in non-deposit mode with firm's capital located in russia (where I do live). I have stable profitunity for at least half an year and I have had only one loss month in 2011 till june.
    last three months I've had 5-digits net profit (all stats is available to show i can grab it to excel from propreports.com).
    im seeking for better conditions and rates then I have now.

    i'm esecialised in cheap stocks and i'm acting closer to swing trader instead of intraday. so it's important to have more space to take huge overnights.
    my avg. monthly vol is about 200-500k

    guys, i need some suggestions about better place to stay for non-residents. provide me plz some links, emails, facts, etc)
    and what's your best comissions and payout % which you already have while trade distanced or sitting in prop office?
  2. brenden


    I know mgb specializes in solo remote traders
    Check them out and their rates r amazing for the normal joe blow
    U can email them anytime mgbtrading dot com