Dissolve the NorthEast

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FeenixRizin, May 30, 2010.

  1. They should be their own country..

    still call them the USA

    but Im convinced they no longer represent me
  2. You're always welcomed to leave.As long as you live in the US accept the fact that majority rules
  3. If the majority ruled there would be no Obama care, no anchor babies, and a whole lot less government waste. Of course, that would require that our scumbag politicians actually represented the people and not themselves. Fat chance of that!
  4. Obama promised obama care during the campaign and the majority voted him into office
  5. Tut tut..

    The Northeast is very patient with the rest of the country with the exception of California, where we in the northeast take pride in blowing up California pension funds. What a bunch of bagholders in California.
  6. True enough, even though they had little or no idea of what they were supporting. Blacks, the most racist group in the country, voted on race issues alone. Whites, more interested in making history than doing the right thing voted for him, and had the benefit of believing all their white guilt would be washed away with one pull of the lever. Now, waking up to the reality of seeing the country going BK for a generation or two in order to finance the free for all, buyers remorse is taking hold in a big way. At least among people who have not yet lost their ability to think for themselves.
    As of this moment, the majority do not support Obama care, or his position on illegal immigration, among other issues.
  7. Blacks always vote 90 % + Democrat

    Obamas approval rating has been between 45-55% the last 6 months,higher then the Republican congress,all of congress, and any single republican.

    Obamas approval rating is dam good considering the economic situation we are in and the 24 hr media we are in.Obamas ratings are higher then Reagan's was at this point in his presidency when we had a bad economy

    Obama is currently favored to be re elected on every betting site

    Many did not like Social Security or Medicare when they first started,Obama care is no different

    I don't agree with Obama on Immigration but the guy he ran against and the last republican president tried to give amnesty to all illegals .I don't agree with Obama on immigration but I do support it.Democrats are making a stand now to lock in the Hispanic vote for generations to come,and Republicans has fell for the trap.Hispanics vote 3-1 for Democrats now,if Democrats lock in the Hispanic vote like they have locked in the black vote say good night to the Republican party :)