Dissecting the Apple Flash Crash, or Why You Just Can't Trust These Markets

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    I agree 100%, absolutely insane conditions for traders, most on this board do not trade so not alot of talk about what happened to aapl,amzn bidu at 9:30est yesterday. I shorted 1000 appl yesterday in premarket covered all of it at 287 for a great quick profit then watched the stock plummet to 275 5 seconds later. I got lucky could of just as easily been on the other side of that one. i doubt stops worked that well on the fall, maybe alot of traders got temporaly destroyed and just held and were made whole 2 minutes later. Insane conditions.
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    nobody wants to buy it. okay than price goes down!

    welcome to free markets.

    can't sell at ask,,sell market order

    these apple shareholders are still frothy share price even if they sell at 25% discount from today's price.

    the exchange is just an exchange it doesn't control price,shareholders ultimately determine the price..

    these HFT machines are daytraders doing frontrunning and scalping etc that daytraders adn market makers have been doing for decades it's just automated now done by computers and just way more efficient in frontrunning etc.

    traders and market makers mainly make their profit on spread and volume with decreasing volume and decrease spread it's not profitable or less profitable to be market maker.

    many daytraders and market makers have abandon lots of stocks altogether since their is no volume or inefficient volume to trade only ones buying or selling it are shareholders of the stock.


  3. boo hoo how will I survive:confused:

    LOL bring on more flash crashes thank you very much!:D

  4. ^this. I glanced that the chart from ZH and it's laughable that anyone thinks this is news. The new "in" is to call any unusal market activity related, somehow, to quants/algos/hft/gimmick-of-the-day/etc.... Apple dropped on news, like stocks have done for 100s of years. STOP YOUR FUCKING WHINING. Just because you see a line on a chart doesn't mean something is foul. For fucks sake people, quit bitching and trade.....
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    were you trading in 2008 between october and nov and feb 2009 -march 2009,,total free market..no market makers. market up and dowdn 10% in two days

    the action was insane. it was good time to trade and daytrade now it's too rigged...and illiquid. absolutely no volume,,no bids and no selling. bad markt is up cause nobody or few are selling. bad i want to sell tonnes of selling and tonnes of buying.

    anyone putting a bid should be filled. all bids will be filled. the fed is giving the market a gift. the money the fed is giving the market is not real money. or it's not even the fed's money. it's mint condition 'counterfiet money' from the fed.

    no market activity==no jobs=no traders pay commissions etc.

    what is so insane about somebody wanted to sell their shares. and price dipped 5%. in penny stocks the intra-day spread is 10%.the guy who sold it got cash and big profit.

  7. I'm not a fan, just thought it a funny link. My wife say's I'm stuck in the 60's with music and more. Don't undertand why?
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