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  1. http://www.fisn.com/CDalternatives.htm

    The street is issuing this paper that pays a very high rate of interest 10-19 % a year, but is actually a modified bet on stock.

    Whenever I analyze these I can't seem to figure out a decent hedge with options, which makes sense since they are probably marking up the existing prems big time.

    Someone want to tackle this and see if theres a way to game them?
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    I presume you are talking of fixed rate exchangables? It is a fairly straight forward equity linked note. In it's simplest case, if the stock dropped below todays level, you get stock, otherwise, you get cash + interest. In short, you are selling ATM puts for cheap, either in a simple european form:
    or in a form of american barrier:
    Sometimes, you are selling OTM american barrier
    Now, hedge-wise, american barriers are pretty well hedged by simple Europeans, they are long vega and long skew.
  3. These have a protection feature by % of the stock price, that varies with the issue.

    Certainly complicates analysis.

    Take a look at one of them and see if you can figure out how 'cheap' you are selling the put vs the true market.
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    How would % of the stock price be different from the actual dollar amount given that you know the initial price of the stock? These really are straight forward, unless I am missing something - do you have a term-sheet for one of these handy?

    Anyway, are you planning buy these notes and hedge them using some alternative methods?
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    Margin requirements aside, no upside, limited downside translates into:

    +u - (ATM LEAP) c + (DOTM LEAP) p
    - (ATM LEAP) p + (DOTM LEAP) p .