Disruptive behavior by Jack Hershey

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Mysteron, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Mysteron


    Can someone please put a stop to Jack Hershey's disruptive behavior.

    Just look at what has happened in the thread 'Questions How to Get Started Trading with Probabilities', the thread has been taken over by Hershey and his followers by posting off topic. It typifies his behaviour, its selfish and intentionally disruptive. He has done this with other threads to such an extent that some members no longer post on ET at all. Simply putting Hershey on ignore will not stop threads being destroyed by him as his posts get quoted by his followers. The effect is to drown out the original topic of a thread so that those of us who are interested in positively contributing give up and stop posting.

    Same thing happened some time ago in the thread 'Why Is The Obvious Not So Obvious?'.

    Surely its clear to you that he is a problem?

    The solution to his disruptive behaviour is that he should be restricted to posting only in a few threads he creates himself - where he and his followers can post anything wthout restriction. That way anyone else who chooses can visit his threads.

    Why can't that be done? Or is it the case that he is paid to post on ET.

    Until I can see that action is taken I'll no longer post on ET.
  2. Lucrum


    You could wipe those tears from your eyes and just put him on your ignore list.
    Plenty of others certainly have.
  3. Mysteron


    Try reading the post again and understand what is being said.

    Last post, thats it!
  4. I'll be taking over this thread now that the OP has retired from posting on ET.

    Here you will find the questions to consider to lift yourself by your bootstraps into civility as a consequence of giving thouoght to the BASIC Questions of trading.

    Question 1.

    If you learned in math about variables, why do you still process Price as an independent variable? In other words, can you make the mental shift to begin to consider price as a dependent variable?

    Print this put it in a binder with your thoughts pencilled inbelow the question.
  5. Question 2.

    Look at your display. notice the variables "jump.

    Can you review all of your mathematical trading and find where this type of data was processed to gain an understanding of the information?

    Why did the provider take this approach?

    The subject is data granularity. What caused this mathematical difficulty you now face?
  6. baro-san


    The nature of forums is that subjects stir dialogue, that branches in new topics, each one with its captain and its followers. If a particular thread's originator, or a moderator find it distracting, they, and only they should be the ones requesting and deciding to move those discussions to other threads.

    Whining about it, personal attacks, as well as deleting posts by moderators is neither respectful nor conducive to a civilized atmosphere on ET.

    Whoever deleted Jack's posts from the Thursday and Friday, when he made real-time calls and comments pertinent to his method, made a big mistake.
  7. Why would a mod delete these??

  8. Mysteron


    You are part of the problem (the uncivilized atmosphere on ET), being one of JH's followers adding to the disruption of other threads.

    Note the new thread (which I didn't create): 'Jack Hershey bar by bar trading'.

    It seems to me to be the most appropriate place that JH and followers should now be posting and enables a concentrated discussion of JH's methods to take place, good luck.
  9. baro-san


    Trying to make the complainers go away, disrespecting Jack and his followers, not thinking too much at that moment, ... It happens.
  10. baro-san


    You were not the starter of the thread you complained about, and you are not a moderator, so you have the same right to control the content of that thread as all the other posters.
    #10     Mar 23, 2013
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