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  2. Oh you didn't hear? Homosexuals are a protected group. They are allowed to do this type of shit and have no reprecussions from the media or anyone else. If you tell them they are not allowed to do that, they will say you are taking away their "rights"
  3. No. Why do you care?

    I think it's pretty cool.

    Did the brain-dead author of this brain-dead piece on this brain-dead website for brain-dead deluded people ever think that just maybe gay people would judge a politician on other than gay things ? No. Neither do the typical brain-dead readers of this tripe have the brains to ask that question either.

    But thank you for showing how fucked-up some websites are.
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    Nough said.

  5. See edit.
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    Don't hate; don't fight.

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    We have free speech, and all are entitled to their opinion, but flipping off a previous president's photo as invited guests at the white house? Come on, have we reached that level? Save it for the street.

    I bring it up because these were left wing activists. I have seen Reagan's name used here by lefties to support their cause when it fits their argument, so I was curious to see if they would come to his defense. You made my point.
  8. You sound like the government. And after you listen to them and stop hating and fighting them, they make sure they give to you up the ass real good.
  9. Again, who really gives a shit except anal-retentive righties ?
  10. You have some stupes acting stupid, and some others objecting to it. Other than the eye-catching headline, I'm not sure I see the controversy here. Had everyone gay been applauding this stupidity you'd have a point. But as that's not happening, you don't.
    Did you actually read the story?
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