Disqualified from a job because of a book I didn’t read

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  1. So I got disqualified from a job because of a book I didn’t read

    They asked me what I thought about Charles Gave's book Brave New World, I replied I didnt read it, they asked if I heard about it I said I have never heard about this book and was immediately told the interview process was over why is this book so important? Overall I thought my interview was going well then out of the blue this was thrown at me.
  2. maybe you should read the book to see if its important. jk
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    Maybe he was a long lost relative of Aldous Huxley.
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    It's a staple in many high school curiculums, but i'm not exactly sure how it would tie into trading... was this a trading job at a prop shop? These firms have a tendency to ask "silly" questions... I got the good ol' Manhole cover question on mine...
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    Read it before your next interview.

    Also, be aware of how much change is in your pocket.
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    I'm almost afraid to ask: what is the Manhole cover question?
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    The guy was either an a-hole or wanted you to respond with "WHY?"

    Unfortunately some people get a power trip interviewing candidates. If this was the case, you're better off without the job. However, if the firm was looking for someone to challenge situations and ask questions (unlike the society represented in the book), the question might have been legit.
  8. Why is a manhole round, this question is used at alot of engineering/software companies like micorsoft.
  9. perhaps, if you have not read it or heard about it--ask the interviewer why they are inquiring about that specific book. Or even ask, what particular theme was of interest that warrants finding out if you've read the book or not.

    whenever in doubt, ask. I like to see candidates, ask and admit when they don't know.

  10. I wouldn't sweat it too much. The guy was specifically looking for someone who had read the GaveKal research book - the only way you would have known about it probably was to have subscribed to Maudlin's newsletter. And to find that, you would have had to have been around for a while to pick up on it.

    Depending on where you are in your career, its pretty much a bogus proposition.

    If you are starting out, there's no real reason why you would have read that book. If you are a MBA grad to be, then you might not have an excuse. And if you're out later in your career - who cares. They should be more concerned with what you can DO and what your track record is, than anything else.

    I'm guessing that you're doing the college interview thing and getting weeded out by a junior underling before you got to the head honcho. Do yourself a favor - avoid placing your career hopes on those types of interview processes. Unless you have an inside track, or are at the very top of your ivy league class, it is a diminishing returns situation.

    Have you tried cutting out the BS by getting a headhunter to work for YOU? Not the kind you pay, but the kind that has connections in the field you want to get in... someone who places the higher ups and wouldn't mind helping out a young, motivated person they believe in....

    As far as that question, unless you were the MBA to be, it was a stupid and bogus question. You wouldn't want to work for someone like that anyway.
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