Display Driver crashes with dual monitors

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bellman, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. bellman


    I'm trading off a Dell laptop connected to another monitor for a dual-monitor setup. The display driver continually crashes. What should I do to fix the problem?

  2. Imba


    what is "crush" ?

    1)does laptom just swithc off asap as long u connect 2 screens? or after some time? Or does it just didnt turn on second screen after you bootup the laptop?

    2)Well.. i can bet onto two mostly possible problems.

    a)old\junked laptop, which is just overheating asap with 2 screens.

    b)You just need to update your drivers. (or download iomega drivers for ATI\nVidia)
  3. bellman


    I don't know what a "crush" is with respect to computers.

    It was crashing after some time of being connected, not right away.

    The problem was that the dell monitor I was connecting to, 2408wfp, required it's own driver as opposed to the generic windows driver. So, yes, it was just a driver that needed to be updated.

  4. You're talking in past tense. Does that mean the problem is fixed?