Displaced Moving Averages

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  1. Anyone know of a free currency charting software/site that provides customizeable DMA settings? I've been doing it manually.
  2. Schrader/reader/T;
    has free [delayed] charts with displaced ma..................................
    Pretty good charts, as with any charts;
    pays to fucus on a few- data errors tend to be obvious then

    Stock displaced ma;
    dont know if it included currencies??????????????????????????
    murray TT:cool:
  3. Are there any other places? Currency and/or Futures specific?

  4. For Free?

  5. For currencies, use metatrader, it has MA offset features and is free too.:)
  6. Tums


    Free charting software?

    Lots. Check the review section, or the sponsors on the bottom of this page.

    customizeable DMA?

    I think they all can.
  7. silent - do I have to run my trading through them?
  8. Meta works great - thanks!
  9. Any free equity charting packages with DMAs?
  10. Quote Tracker will do it, I think. It's free (most options) unless you register.

    Sierrachart will do it. You can displace any of its moving average types. I think there's a 2 or 4 week free trial of it.
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