Disney Earnings, What the Hell is going on?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by M3racer2k1, May 8, 2007.

  1. So Disney crushes earnings estimates by 20%, the top and bottom line numbers look great. And it's down 1 plus % in after hours trading, how is this possible?

    After an earnings release like that, I would expect this stock to be flying.
  2. JimBob56


    I'm a nube....but it was already priced into the earnings.

    What I have learned about earning season.......when it is really good (+50% on expected earnings) it great. When its good <30% earnings just bend over and grab the soap.
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    Were the earnings really up, and by how much, or were they just up compared to estimates? These are two entirely different things.
  4. dis revenues were up a jokish les than 1% and they missed watered down est's. as far as the earnings beating its bogus and bs as its engineered. there qtr sucked
  5. Considering Disney's second quarter profit rose 27% from a year earlier, I don't see how that can be considered a bad quarter. Earnings came in at $931 million or .44c/share compared to estimates of .37c/share, and year earlier results of $733 million or .36c/share.

    Revenue was also up 8.07 billion vs. 8.03 billion year prior.

    Sounds like a good quarter to me. Any other company posts that they beat earnings by this amount, and had a jump in profit of 27% and the market goes apesh!t.
  6. this is bizarro market. a shitty bull market at best .. just a bunch of momentum chasing hedge funds bidding up isolated sectors and YM and ES futures. earnings performance is more connected to position management of big players than actual company results.

    (boy I've had a lousy month. and I'm net very long)
  7. Hmm DIS chart looked really nice. Good base and then a nice upward slope out of the base. I would stick with it for a week or so and check price action. Maybe it can reestablish the upward trend.

    Stop Loss maybe around 34.30, one of the lows (April 11) in the recent basing action.
  8. Taking a wild stab at it and not bothering to look it up because I don't like Disney, I'd guess that they're trading down because they beat because of one surprise smash hit, "Wild Hogs."

    Whoever saw that movie should be put to sleep and I'm sure there was a collective head-scratching at Disney when that movie topped the box office for a few weeks in a row.

    The best thing about Disney is now Pixar and the worst thing about Pixar is Disney. :D