Disinformation, distractions and influencers here on ET

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Are there active attempts at organized political disinformation her on ET?

  1. Yes, there are seemingly organized groups of people consistently pushing political agendas

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  2. No, "I now nooothin..." (Manuel - Fawlty Towers)

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  1. "¿Qué? I know nothing..."

    Are you of the opinion that there are many with ORGANIZED political agendas participating on the forums here on ET?

    I see in particular the fuelling of polarization between extremists views of anti-Europeanism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia...

    As for anti-Americanism - well, we all know the US is in a shitload of trouble, and no positivist thinking is going to change that. The US will be in debt for a looooooooong time now, and no matter of apologetic rhetoric is going to change that. Also, the Bush presidency has been the biggest pile of shit in modern history since the Nazis - there I said it, but I don't think that is anti-American, because there is a healthy debate going on in the US and around the world. Given, the world is changing and the US will not be living with the same economic, political influence of before. That is not hate of the US, it is simply stating the facts and seeing the trends for what they are. Even Bill Gates and other capitalists like Warren Buffet understand this.

    Of course there is also plain anti-Americanism present --- but does it really seem organized?

    What has really happened over the last almost 100 years is that the economic structures of the world have been aligned into a self-serving greedy supportive power network, where in previous times colonies were applied - we now see strongest political influence and social control through economic dominance. This has been the case during the Cold War and especially after its end - where it seemed like economic greed went into overdrive and focused on the "old nemesis" of the middle east and Islam.

    It is mildly put upsetting to see all of this unfolding, but worse is being part of it all... not understanding it may be because of lacking educational focus and suppression from the media and cultural focus, but it certainly is present.

    My interests are primarily into epistemology and philosophy - i.e knowledge and the formation, usage of your mental capacity for learning, reasoning and processing information. I do not hold strict political views, certainly not partisan of any kind, but view things from an individual stance and from my personal understanding of the world. That does not mean that I differ significantly from many others in my views, but I back up my views with reasoning that I myself have contributed - not copying of others.

    However, many seem driven to a frenzy by influence by others - especially when organizing themselves politically.
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    You're either with us or against us.
  3. Its good for the children.
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    Being part of the VRWC is over rated. My checks are usually late. Plus they don't let us torture hippies any more. Seems like years since we blew up any buildings and I still haven't received several hundred barrels of Iraqi oil that I am owed.

    But at least I have Dan Rather's CBS chair, autographed by Karl Rove. That was nice.
  5. Hehehe,
    you should get some OJ memorabilia as well. :p

    ... and a recent Rote Armee Fraktion film has been produced.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Der_Baader_Meinhof_Komplex (2008 film)
  6. Until that post, I thought you were a very intelligent individual.

    That was soooo anti Yank and lame it defines definition.

  7. Maybe I fail to see how it is "anti Yank", why not explain further?
  8. Disinformation to some is "truth" to others...
    Funny, isn't it... are they all crazy?

    Well, the thing is fundamentally an epistemological problem;
    some do not see any problem in organizing spreads of half-truths, distortions etc.
    In the end it is not only about freedom of information, but also about democracy and how democratic processes are influenced.
    You might call it respect for others.

  9. So a problem is with freedoms of information comes freedoms of speech, and this is healthy. But there is so much information available, that no one can have ALL the information, but only see some of the information. That is where their opinion, or position comes from. People are not computers able to hold all the information. So people take some information, and make the best conclusion from that. So I see Gringo, how you say it is important to not be brainwashed to one doctrine. And people should be allowed to view many points of view to keep open mind, and (no absolutes). But what I see is people call (changing their mind, or flip flop) as weakness or being a liar. So having open mind to changing information is discouraged sometimes.
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