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    I simply dont have a big enough account.

    Even with 8 tick stop...win rate still 80%...would be a shame to walk away.
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  2. <i>"I simply dont have a big enough account.

    Even with 8 tick stop...win rate still 80%...would be a shame to walk away."</i>

    <b>spinn</b>. there are 100s of traders right here in this forum that would raise $2,000 doing whatever it legally takes to scrape such a sum together. Then they would trade your 80% win ratio approach using whatever reasonable stop is necessary, and let the law of large numbers take over from there.

    One contract becomes two, two contracts beget four, four contracts beget eight...

    If we understand you correctly, the only obstacle in your path to consistent trading success is a few thousand dollars. Is that correct? If so, raising that type of cash is far easier than walking away and doing something else with your life.

    Would that be an accurate assessment, or am I wrong?
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  3. It doesn't sound like your method is working very well to me... Did you read anything on page 32 or 33 before posting? I can't tell. If you did, then I really don't see any relation with the new posts on this thread (it died for 2 months until page 32) and what you're talking about so I really can't offer any advice...
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  4. Exactly. Mr. Market determines what is a correct amount to risk (stop). If you can't or won't do that, you should expect no less than to have your clock cleaned.
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    appreciate it. Thanks. That's why I'm taking it easy. I'm not going to jump into that pool if I'm not knowing what I'm doing.
    I'm also realizing all the things you have to look at, basically what you mentioned, although I have never been into support and resistance, and I'm not using level II yet. I'm also looking at fundamentals, the options, and sometimes the industry. Those should be quite important too, specially if you want to hold your stocks for more than 1 day, like me.
    And the more I look at it, the more I find to look at. And no, that doesn't make it simple. Maybe one day :)
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  6. Attainment of knowledge is of the utmost importance in trading. Once traders begin to learn how markets work and what exactly is affecting large price swings (while they're occurring) then it becomes simple. Never easy... but simple.

    When all of these variables are aligned, the trade is a 90% (or higher) lock. I'm not grinding it out for pennies or nickels. I'm looking for $$$ and % points. So by saying it's a 90% lock, I'm not saying the trade is a lock for a half dozen pennies, I'm saying it's a lock for quarters or dollars...

    Successful trading (consistently and on a large scale) takes time and knowledge. I'm only trying to provide the key. You still have to be the one to open the door...

    Best of Luck to all...
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