Dishonoring the dead

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  1. Ambassador Rice appeared on the Sunday morning shows telling a blatant lie. Beyond insutling the intelligence of anyone with an IQ over 70, she disgraced herself, the nation, and the those that died fighting for their lives and our nation.
    To claim that the attack in Libya was just some spontaneous activity fly's in the face of all the intel reports coming out of the region. This was a well co-ordinated attack by a terrorist strike force which was heavily armed using sophisticated battle tactics. The four men that died were in a battle with our sworn enemies, and to claim it was nothing more than an accident, just something that kinda' happened in the heat of the moment over some movie is perhaps one of the most dishonorable statements to come out of this administration. Have you no shame at all Mr. President? Is everything that happens just another political issue to be spun on the campaign trail? Is there anything you won't do in order to minimzie the threat of radical Islam? You have disgraced yourself sir. Worse than that, you have disgraced and dishonored those that fell in battle defending our country and the principles we stand for.

    One more thing. Sending this woman out to do your dirty work is less than manly. Lies this bold should be done by the originator. Quit hiding behind the skirts of your wife, your Sect'y of State, and Ambassador Rice.
  2. Did you see the comment,

    "American soldiers should not be used as community organizers.... Bring them home "
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    this is what happens when community organizers think the ME is a friendly place and the media treats you like the Pope of liberalism.

    Your delusions are at first left unchecked or even encouraged by Krugman type media yes men with credentials... and then you wake up with a dead ambassador and exploding muslim disrespect.
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    I don't know how she went on all those shows and said the attacks where spontaneous and over the movie with a straight face. She must have had so much makeup on that she couldn't turn up the ends of her lips.

    The Obama story is beginning to crack as others are seeing his stance as rediculous and the attacks a result of his failed policies in the region.
  5. One lie after another being exposed. Why is the Obama administration, for all practicle purposes, providing a cover story for Al-Qaeda? They continue to harp on some silly youtube video that was seen by no one but a very few people. It's obvious the attack was pre planned.

    American intelligence officials insist that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was not pre-planned, but a new CNN report says that Ambassador Chris Stevens had expressed concerns about the safety of the mission in the months before his death. According to "a source familiar with his thinking," Stevens was worried about the growing threat of al-Qaeda and other extremists in Libya and even mentioned that he was on a terrorist "hit list."

    The Benghazi consulate had been hit by a fire bomb in June, though no one was hurt. Despite the threats and the earlier attack, American officials still say that the attack that killed Stevens and three other Americans last week, was not an assault planned to coincide with the September 11 anniversary, but was rather an "opportunistic attack" that came about in the chaotic moments of protests against the anti-Muslim YouTube video. In either event, several members of Congress are asking why security at the compound was not stronger, given the growing threats from armed militants.
  6. I though enhanced security for all interests "American" was a no brainer on 911.

    Secondly, I'm po'd about the pimp with the limp visit/chat whatever on 911. "couldn't it wait for another day?" So typical Obama, that is his MO. He is totally inappropiate. Maybe he should have a call in with the Pimp with a limp on MLK day or spend the whole fucking month of Feb in the hood.
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