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  1. Cramer is always ranting about watching a company's

    financials and I've found him to be right about that

    discipline. Right now I'm watching something

    developing that could really rock their boat hard. I

    just can't see how it's happening and how a publicly

    traded company could be sitting on its hands instead

    of fixing a very fixable problem.

    A neighbor foolishly gave them his credit card

    number to pay his bill online. DUMB!! He started

    having DISH charges show up on his credit card bill,

    one for almost 1200 dollars for one month's service,

    instead of the 120 bucks for his monthlyservice and

    pay per views. This was in early May and he's sent

    them all the documentation they requested but they

    still haven't returned his money. He finally got

    tired of the stall tactics and called his bank, who

    investigated and reversed the charge. DISH promptly

    turned off his service.

    I started thinking and decided that if they did this

    online to even a small percentage of customers,

    their balance sheet would show tons more cash than

    they actually have. Make the refund process tedious

    enough and a certain percentage of customers (

    lemmings??) would give up trying and drop the issue.

    On a hunch,I checked with the manager at my bank who

    told me that they are seeing this go on with DISH

    customers on an almost daily basis. Off the record,

    the manager told me there are rumors of computer

    hacking there and unexplainable patterns in the

    accountings. Rumors? Innuendo? Sure it could be

    rumors or innuendo. But if it's not, you do the