Dish TV hits the Holy Grail! Automatic commercial skipping!

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  1. How lazy are we americans that we will pay an extra $4 per month just so we dont have pick up the remote and click the fast forward button.
  2. Yeah, but that'll save at least a good 5 seconds we could be doing something else.
  3. bellman


    It's not laziness, it's efficiency. It is definitely worth the money to save the time and effort of watching commercials. It simply doesn't make sense for some people watching tv late at night to be tempted by a cheeseburger or pizza commercial.
  4. In the early days of cable TV, weren't there "no ads"?.... our monthly cable bill was in lieu of having to suffer through advertisements??
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    You guys actually watch television???

  6. oh, don't get me goin'. but, follow me on this -

    my wife bought me a google big-screen tv 18 months ago. the bottom line is that you can do email, youtube, drudge report, anything you do on the web, you now just do it on the tv.

    like an idiot, i flipped through my regular tv channels at the beginning of each hour looking for documentaries, or other non fiction tv that i love. for months i suffered through so-so documentaries and stupid commercials on cable.

    then one day i googled "best you tube documentaries". everything is there, with no commercials!! i'm watching youtube on tv. in high-def! and it's better than the schlock we have, because it pulls in programming from all over the world like the bbc.

    i thought, "gawd i'm gonna love this til i exhaust the whole list of 100 documentaries. but they put up more every week! i'll never reach the end of the list! you won't either with your favorite programs.

    i hate cable. bad. i'd fuckin' pull the cable out of the wall myself, and tell that company never to show up at my house again. especially since high def sports for local teams can now be pulled in over the airwaves on regular, indoor antennas!

    but my kids beg and cry for the disney channel. so it's the bare bones cable package for $500 a year. 500 year in and year out just fucking wasted, and sent to the enemy.

  7. Tom B

    Tom B

    I would pay extra to get rid of those obnoxious channel logos as well.
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    This is why net neutrality is crucial! Already Comcast is blocking much of the online content unless you subscribe to their cable package. The providers of internet need to become utility companies. Nothing more. They should not have the ability to effect the content that one receives.
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    ++Tom B;
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