Discrimination based on looks

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  1. I was wondering if there were any evidence or legal cases that would confirm the theory that there are bias based on looks in the workplace, with positive discrimination for good looking women and negative discrimination for (very) good looking men.
    There are several studies showing attractive women do get preferential treatment in college and at work but I can't find anything related to discrimination against very good looking male workers. Yet the theory makes sense to me.
  2. I am extremely good looking and it has not stopped me from progressing.:D
  3. LOL There is another theory that can be verified if you spent any amount of time on a dating website : people who advertise themselves as "very good looking" usually aren't that good looking !
  4. Regarding men, it may not be "looks" but height. Tall men trigger unconscious positive associations.
  5. To be successful, you must look PROFESSIONAL.
    Even if you aren't that handsome.

    Would you hire an Owen Wilson looking (complete with the hippish, malibu-surfer look), to manage your life savings?
  6. If he's damn good at what he does, who cares what he looks like.

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    A lot of Owen Wilson looking professional traders are laughing at one professional looking investor right now.
  8. there have been a number of studies based on gender, age, attractiveness, race, wealth and other things showing definite preference bias in legal justice, hiring, pay and other things. These things seem to come out every month. However, it is critical that they adjust for known factors. One time, there was a good report put out by a university, that when you adjust for all known factors such as pregnancy leave and particular gender-dominated fields (like engineers vs. nursing), that the male-female "wage gap" shinks to almost nothing.

    You just have to do a little internet searching
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    LOL! I'm not sure you'd find many women who would be willing to admit to being fired because they were ugly.

    From what I've seen, I'd say that the vast majority of women in mid to upper level corporate positions are certainly NOT there because of their good looks!

    I'd bet that those who were beautifull would have a better case for discrimination.
  10. This assumes he's already famous.

    If he kept his hippish look, nobody would give him a dime to manage, so he would never be famous.
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