Discretionary vs. Quantitative

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Pick one! Thanks!

  1. Discretionary

    44 vote(s)
  2. Quantitative

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  1. Which trading methodology do you prefer?

    And why?
  2. 100% quantitative and mechanical. Takes out the element of psychology and emotion, simplifying things (for me).
  3. Please vote as well. Thanks!
  4. When you mean quantitative, how deep are you talking about? Would you use theory such as quantum random walk in trading?
  5. I just want to mention some of the better known traders in no particular order:

    Jesse Livermore
    Paul Tudor Jones
    George Soros
    Jim Rogers
    Victor Niederhoffer
    Steve Cohen
    John Paulson

    Ed Seykota
    Jim Simons
  6. I am quantitative-driven discretionary...
  7. 8-2. The quant geeks are over at wilmott.com. The same poll over there would be 0-10. :cool:
  8. Some of them are both places, y'know?
  9. No way! Wilmott.com is too "european-centric". They talk about soccer, not baseball. Those people wouldn't feel "at home" here at ET. Besides, they changed their criteria to be able to post stuff on their message boards to get rid of the speculator riff-raff. :cool:
  10. Sh1t, I'd better leave now, I guess...
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