Discretionary Trading Rules - The Recording

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    In this month's group therapy session, we discussed discretionary trading rules and how to develop as a discretionary trader.

    The recording of the event is below:

    Thanks for all those that attended.
  2. wrbtrader


    Looks like you've gone into a little behaviour finance, cognitive decision making process, trading psychology in your group therapies.

    Curious if anyone there has a professional background in Psychology, Behaviour Finance or Psycho Therapy ???

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    You know you posted this 33 mins after I posted the thread and the video is just over an hour long, right?

    Best thing to do if you want to critique something - is actually watch it.

    Then you will see - you are actually pretty far off the mark in terms of what's being discussed.
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  4. wrbtrader


    Actually, I did watch via skipping a few sections that got into the the trader psychology even though someone didn't use that phrase...trader psychology.

    Yet, the other discussions are very similar to cognitive decision making process discussions or therapy discussions aimed for traders (been to a few of those for traders not using any automation) and that phrase was also not used in your video too.

    Thus, its the reason for my question although you did not answer it but I'll ask it again...

    Does someone in the "group therapies" have a professional background in Behaviour Finance, Trader Psychology or Psycho Therapy ???

    If you don't want to answer that question...its OK although I would be very surprised.

    By the way, the forum has another sponsor with a professional background in such. These are very interesting topics especially when you get into the "human brain...energy consumption...neurons...raw computational power" stuff...later making reference to a psychologist (I didn't catch his full name but he obviously wasn't the person speaking). :D

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  5. This is an ELITE TRADER forum, you might have to expect elite traders to know most of the things you discuss and therefore to skip through your video, as there is not much more then we already know. I did the same as @wrbtrader. don't take it personal or as an insult. Your video might get better resonance on r/wallstreetbets.
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    It is not a discussion on trader psychology. Not at all.

    All you are doing here is the regular hum-drum tired old attempt at a gotcha.

    The fact that the human brain uses more calories than muscle is not psychology, nor is the complexity of it compared to a modern supercomputer.

    If you actually watch it, you'll see. As it's not psychology, I don't see where a psychologist qualification would be necessary - but someone in the audience was a psychologist and he did give his comments (mostly agreement).
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    Got it - so Elite Trader is a bunch of people that review videos without watching them.

    Smart people. :banghead:
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  8. Reported.
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    Well - all the best with that.

    It's good to bat ideas around and discuss the details, pros & cons of points being made.

    Not that this has happened yet.

    But should it happen, I'm all for it.
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  10. wrbtrader


    There's no gotcha and maybe you're misunderstanding. I did in fact watch the video.

    I skipped through the stuff about the psychology but I did catch the comments about brain power, neurons, brain consumption and I skipped through the references about a psychologist and the person reference someone (not heard) by the name of "JAMES" or something like that...

    In fact, I didn't catch his full name when he was named via the "thank you James" comment.

    Regardless, thanks for stating the person giving the presentation does not have a professional background in behavioural finance, psychology or psycho therapy and that a psychologist attending the group therapy was in agreement even thought you stated the discussion about brain energy, neurons, brain consumption has nothing to do with that.

    By the way, when the person in the video with the graph of the human brain and a super computer called "spinnaka" (super computer)...
    • Can you give me the correct spelling for that so that I can look it up on Google ?
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