Discretionary Trading and Statistics

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  1. I know there are discretionary traders out there who keep stats to make themselves more mechanical.

    If any if you here is primarily a pattern trader or price action, without the use of any indicators, how do you keep track of your setups?

    I have been taking screenshots and largely categorizing my setups for a few months now, but I'm still often wondering if perhaps someone out there is doing something better/different.

    Would appreciate any advice from those of you who call yourself at least partially discretionary and still keep track of stats for setups.
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    most people use some sort of indicator, custom made or not

    not per se as signaling but for decision making overall

    I sure hope you are not asking to see my setups
  4. Could you give an example of this.

    No I am not asking to see your setups...
  5. way back when i was still trying to learn trading i would just simply keep notes and stats of the setups. are you just looking for something easier than that? i don't really think there is anything easier. it just takes work.
  6. I use price action only on the charts without any traditional indicators (e.g. cci, stoc, macd, volume, moving averages et cetera).

    However, I don't use stats to help me be more mechanical.

    Instead, I use a rule based methodology.

    I then categorize my trading into three main groups:

    * Trades via the rule based methodology

    * Intuition trades outside my rule based methodolgy

    * Trade Errors

    Then when I do my stats...it's for each of the above categories.

    Also, if you are implying that anyone that doesn't use a mechanical trading system are then a discretionary trader...

    Based upon that info...I'm a discretionary trader.

  7. Robbie... thanks for reinforcement.

    I didn't think there was a better way, but of course, I was thinking I might get some examples of how to make it less discretionary I guess. I'm in the same boat... taking notes on everything I see after it lights a bulb in my head.

    Nihaba: Exactly what I was looking for. I am not interested in describing what is considered mechanical or discretionary trading though. I just threw that as a label, but didn't really mean anything by it. Thanks.