Discretionary Managed Future Fund

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    What is your job, EliteThink?
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  2. I run a small HF. I understand some of where VVV is coming from but hedgefunds are not frowned upon by the buy and hold advocates as badly anymore as the buy and holders are the ones often 50-60% underwater. Unfortunately, with HF's in vogue there is more room for deviant behavior.

    Good trading.
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  3. "aaron, what i said, through the above posts, was that 95% of the buy side, never mind what form they take, cta/cpo, mutual fund, hedge fund etc, are crooks and/or incompetents destroying investors equity.

    that leaves 5% of whom maybe 1%, over time, will prove to be honest and real outperformers worthy of the fees charged."


    Hey, that's interesting. Those are almost the exact numbers describing stock analyst"s buy(95%)/sell(5%) of the Big Boy's recommendations through the bull/bear market and for the foreseeable future.

    And who raped the public of that equity??

    Take that article with a big grain of salt when the reality of Wall Street and the gang are still at their respective game that will continue forever.

    Greed, fear, indecision...are all incoporated in any vehicle that trades other peoples' money- to create wealth or destroy it.
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    Thank you for the answers.

    I didn't want to start the next discussion about fraud, ...

    I just noticed that most traders who trade only for the own account seem to be discretional trader whereas most (all) Managed Futures Funds are traded mechanically.

    So I wonder if this is a matter of personal preference or if it is a matter of time frames or something else ...

    Have a nice weekend,

    Sorry for the two threads - didn't know where to put it, since I hoped for answers from various types of traders.
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