Discretionary = Gambling unless you're Enlightened or Investing?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by heynow, May 30, 2007.

Discretionary = Gambling unless you're Enlightened or Investing?

  1. yes, i see the light now

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  2. no, stfu

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  1. heynow


    Yeah Buffet did it with discretion but he invests for life (never sells). Yeah Soros did it with discretion but he apparently relies on back pain as an indicator so yeah i think he qualifies as an Enlightened person.

    You can have much greater runs going discretionary but you'll probably give it all back - or smarten up and move into another line of business with your profits.

    And don't give me that systematic discretionary - best of both worlds crap.

    Only Buddhas should trade discretionary - they can handle it.
  2. If I couldn't trade discretionary, I wouldn't trade.
  3. my vote for discretionary
  4. Has anybody ever taken the time to notice that the top traders are almost all discretionary. It seems like lately people think that the market is just like everything else and can be justified with science and complex math. FORGET IT the market is what it is and will never be completely mastered. There are the quants the fundamentalists the technical guys and even the traders that trade moon cycles and such. They all come to place there bets at the beginning of the day and no one is ever always right.
  5. Either:

    All trading is gambling (taking risk for potential profit).


    Only unprofessional trading is gambling (taking risk for thrill).

    Discretionary, System, Long Term --- doesn't matter.
  6. RL8093


    You wipe out your account & give up? Then you figure that since you can't handle it, only Gods can?

    It seems that there's one of you guys posting that no one can be successful trading at least once a week. You guys crack me up. [​IMG]