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  1. Brokers that work for such firms as Scottrade, TDameritrade, and others, what do they make a year if they dont make a client list, but rather sit behind a desk, and take peoples orders all day?...I thought being a broker is like it was in such films as "Wallstreet", and "The boiler room". Whenever I walk into Scottrade's office, its always calm and casual..not like the movies at all.

    I'm currently studying for my series 7.
  2. 30-40k.
  3. In Canada its more like 45-50 k + all the perks (bonus insurance etc). I did it for a few years and no its not like wall street and not too much glamour but not always relaxing ( specially when the "system crashes" and you got hundred of clients calling at the same time). Anywhays less stress then prop because you have the same paycheck every two week.
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    I'm curious - did you gain much out of the experience? I have sometimes considered this as a possible move for a year or two, partially to see things from the broker's perspective.
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    The broker at a discount broker is more of a customer service agent answering stupid questions from dumb asses who shouldn't even have a brokerage account to begin with.
  6. youngmoney00, don't believe what you see in movies. Real life is a breeze. In movies, they just try to over-dramtize everything.
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    Where I work (NYC) .....Order Entry Traders make:

    $40k - $48k.....

    You have 6 months to pass the Series 7 (they will allow 2 chances and then you are released if not passed on the 2nd attempt), 63 and 55 are soon after.
  8. Not always the case ... Plus for a young person wanting to learn about the markets and get sponsor for licensing it can be a good experience ( better then learning from a grind shop that teaches how to hit the hot keys and the bid -ask )

  9. Ouch...50k will not serve you justice in NYC.....that reminds me that I am finishing with school in about 3 years...screw work...grad school after college :)
  10. Discount brokers dont have a client book?..and if so, what happens if they switch firms?
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