'Disconnect' software ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Wallace, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Is there any software that monitors internet connections and can
    determine where, why and how a disconnection occurred ?
  2. Oh good gracious. Please do not tell me your day trading with a dial up connection?

    Have you tried checking for noise on the line or a different modem?

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  3. Haha. Wow. Like dial-up is the only internet connection that goes out periodically. What a joke.

    www.ticktools.com is something I recently got for Tradestation. I know there are others out there to monitor your broadband connection. Someone else will chime-in with those...
  4. apologies, I screwed-up what I was asking:

    when I'm running broker order entry software and it disconnects
    as well as other internet programs
    is there any software that monitors such connections and
    determines where, why and how a disconnection occurred ?

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    There is plenty of software out there to monitor your internet connection. For starters you can just run a continuous PING to your first hop gateway at your ISP, just open a DOS/CMD window and do "ping -t (some IP address)". You could have a second window continuously pinging your broker's IP address.

    PingPlotter (previously mentioned) is also an excellent thing to leave running in background.

    Determining where, why and how a disconnect occurred is a much bigger deal. Short of running packet capture software (e.g. Sniffer Pro, Ethereal) and analyzing it at that level you pretty much have to rely on the application to give you an explaination when a disconnect occurrs.
  7. Trading is hard enough. If someone is having connection problems I'd rather them switch to a different provider/method of connection then getting a program to alert them of dropped connections. Thats like fixing a broken pipe with scotch tape.

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    Where in the OP do you see any mention of someone "having connection problems"? Or using "a dial up connection"? Or "day trading"?

    Contrary to appearances, somehow, we are not speaking the same language. What a waste... don't know what possessed me to pause to offer a constructive suggestion yesterday.
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