Discipline to get out of loosing Positions

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  1. It seems to me that waaay to many people have problem with discipline - especially acting on stop losses, not averaging down and the rest. You have come up with interesting reward systems, punishments, etc.

    Here is what I am offering:

    I will stay next to you while you trade, and every time you do not follow your exit, I will beat you up. You hold a loosing trade that you shouldn't be - a black eye.
  2. fan27


    O.K. , But what are you going to do for me when I "Do Good"?
    :eek: :eek:
  3. No :eek: :eek: But, what if you DO do good, then you can use the proceeds to pay for reconstructive surgery. And I will give you a rest.
  4. How about manual release?
  5. How about no.

    Those services are not offered, however they can be rendered for free by many who post on these boards
  6. Damn - there is too much gayness here

  7. Hold on, Hold on.........

    I AM offering the services, not YOU.

    And NO I will not do any releases whats so every except a release from a chokehold
  8. what a stupid thread
  9. Or maybe it's so stupid that it's sane.
  10. Zing!
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