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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this forum so I hope this thread is in the good topic.

    Quick presentation :
    I'm 26 years old and currently working as a nurse.
    I'm into cryptocurrencies for more than 2 years.
    I'm learning trading for about 8 months and trading small amounts in "Test accounts" for 2 months (doing pretty well but I know it means nothing yet, beginners' luck maybe)

    The point of this thread is to find a real trader with who I can exchange and learn.

    What I need is what I can't get in books. You won't waste your time explaining me concepts I can find on the internet.
    If i can say I have 1 quality that can help, it's self-examination. I'm an INTJ for those who knows MBTI (I'm reading a lots of psychology/psychoanalysis aswell)

    I'm learning as much as I can by myself so important 'Disclaimer' :
    >I'm not asking for a full-time teacher, I don't want to waste anyone's time.
    >I'm not asking for signals, lessons or a baby-sitter.
    >I want to learn a lot by myself, so the point of having a mentor is guiding me through the tough road to success. Not driving for me, I will never ask anyone to do what I can do by myself.

    If any experienced trader recognize a 'younger himself' in what I just wrote, I'll be honored to have you as mentor.

    Thanks for reading me,

    GL on the markets !

  2. qlai


    Welcome! I don't think this makes sense. The only guidance you can get on the performance/psychology side. The rest is too individualized. There's no "right path" to guide you towards, imho.
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  3. d08


    And the experienced trader gains what? Ever since the medieval times, apprenticeship has had a give and take. You just presented what you can take.
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  4. Are you trading anything other than cryptos? This is my view, but I believe it's tougher to trade crypto with a disciplined, tested strategy as those markets are not as established and subject to more manipulation. That being said, maybe a first step is to write down why you are trading, what you want to accomplish from your trading and define your philosophy / approach / primary strategy with the market(s) you are trading, keeping in mind that this may evolve over time. Are you journaling and keeping your trading statistics? I know everyone says to do this but still many people neglect this. For me, the biggest challenge was finding the right vehicle to do this. I didn't like to use spreadsheets to track my trades so I had to find software for this purpose. Hope this helps you get started.
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  5. Sprout


    Lurk more, find posts/threads you resonate with, build a glossary, research concepts, exercise discernment.

    Good Luck, may you find what you are looking for.
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  6. Handle123


    What generally works for me will not work for you, you have very little knowledge unless past few years you can identify and offer me stats on each bar of a swing, to define each bar then stats on what is "mean" of what happens after in 5, 15, 60 minutes later. Took me a decade to break down price bar by bar and understand percentages of where an "edge" might be. Searching internet ? You going to get vendors who didn't spend ten years doing as I did. You not going to find any info on net for chart patterns I have discovered. Just like other gifted traders who discover their way of trading, they have formulated "patterns" which taken sometimes decades or handful of years to perfect, you will find in internet what other retail traders find but you have a mindset of other than experienced. You would be a full time project as it takes few years to mentor someone and still does not guarantee you be successful. There are reasons why the top 1% make 99% of the money.

    You are like everyone who comes here begging for help, but unless to have read much already, know how to program well, memorized charting well to the extent of why some patterns work better in down trends even though it is a bullish pattern.

    Plus, this is your first post, do you know how many vendors come here asking for help every week to try to steal our material? They either sell a new ebook or sell signal calling.

    When you have memorized this site, you won't need help.

    I wish you well, it been a very long road for most of us, and loved it.
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  7. Thank you for your returns guys.
    So, let's answer one by one :

    @qlai : Yes it's for that side mainly. I'm not asking techniques, tips or a secret strategy that someone took years to develop. All I'm looking for is discussing about this game, crypto or not crypto, it's mainly to have an insider look from someone who knows what he's talking about. It's not for being taught really, it's more to dive deeper in this field and know more than what I can find on the internet/books.
    Thanks for your answer !

    @d08 : Well my plan was to give aound 10% of my gains for those who don't ask for money in return. If you want to sell your knowledge go for it but I'm not a buyer.
    I'm someone who goes with the feeling, so good feeling = good % return for the mentor.
    It's all about the feeling and that's why you can read at the end :"If any experienced trader recognize a 'younger himself' in what I just wrote, I'll be honored to have you as mentor."
    I love to share my ideas and knowledge with people and I love when they do to. This create new cognitive patterns and improve thinking in all possible ways.
    If you're not like this, if you're greedy, then my post ain't addressed to you.

    @formikatrading : First of all, thank you for your answer and advices. So yes i'm only trading cryptos so far (starting to learn FOREX in case we have a long flat period on the cryptos). Also i'm not keeping a journal of my trades. I started it but stopped as fast.. You're right I should keep it up to date, will do it seriously now ! And I have the summary of my trades on the platform I use.
    For what's about why I am trading, my philosophy/goals/etc.. I can post it here later (cause on duty right now). But I think it's too personnal to share it like this, I'd rather PM those who might feel interested. I'm not looking for a teacher it's really for a human to human discussion about any related subjects to trading. Or anything else tho, I'm open minded af.
    Thank you for your time !

    @Sprout : Thanks for your reading and answer. That's actually what's I've done and keep doing but I really don't find the match (the only time I felt this 'mind compliance' was during the few messages I had with Satoshi). + People tend to not talk about things that personnal. But I'll keep doing this and lurking everywhere, thanks for your advice !

    @Handle123 : Thanks for your answer. I agree on the 'looking in the internet/books' part. That's why I'm looking for a human to human talk.
    For the 'what works for me don't works for you' I agree too, that's why I added "recognize a 'younger himself' in what I just wrote" and gave you my MBTI before closing my message. There needs to be some 'cognitive compliance', ofc I strongly agree on this. That's even the most important to me.
    BUT on the 'I'm like any guy coming here begging for help', NO. First of all there is no begging, there is an ask for a similar 'cognitive pattern' trader. It's like I asked "Is there anyone here that have a brain functionning like mine ? Anyone ?" I didn't begged nor said I needed to win money so bad nor I was about to get evicted from my house nor any of this bullsh**. Don't tell me I'm a begger I've build everything I have by myself. And sometimes I builded things with people that are willing to jump in this experience with me. Because they gets something in return aswell, wether it is money or something else. Wether I ask them to join me or they ask me to be integrated in my project. And that confirmed my POV on the fact that discussing and sharing thoughts with others can have a great impact on your performances.
    Then, do I know some patterns ? Am I reading a lot on the subject ? Do I have already set up a personal technique ? For all of this it's a yes. Wether you believe it or not I'm a fast learner and spotted pattern that allowed me to have some +1k% in hours. It's not a 100% win everytime ofc, but so far it made me better than I was. I am NOT saying I'm good, far from me this tought, I tend to think the opposite. I just found my way of 'begginer trading' today, but I want to develop others for tomorrow and the days after, when I won't be a debutant trader with a small portofolio.
    Also, I'm not coming to steal any materials, as I wrote in my first post "I'm not asking for signals, lessons [...] or teacher". I insist on this I am NOT here to be taught by a teacher or asking signals, etc... I'm here to talk with real people invested in what they do everyday, wich is trading in our case.
    To finish, thanks for your answer and your time, it's appreciated. I will check your link to dive deeper in this wonderful world that is trading.

    Great week-end to all
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    @CryptoNurse: Look, the crypto market is the easiest there is at them moment.

    It's basically a sandbox. If you don't make a dime here, you won't make it in any other market out there.

    Drop the charts and think about how the crypto space actually is put together. Do your homework and you should be fine
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    You are not going to find what you are looking for here. I suggest a meetup group local to you where you can interact with people in person. Traders on this board (or any board) are not going to waste their valuable time outside of posting for a two post member that they do not even know. It just doesn't make sense.
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    Read books on microstructure. "Wizard" books.
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