discipline Key word in life, in trading success

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  1. bat1


    you see the word discipline everywhere in trading and
    in life but how many of us follow it?

    Discipline means so much ..to follow your own rules
    in everyday life..to get up in the morning and exercise
    like you say you would, to eat the right foods like you
    say you would, to stop any bad habit's like you say
    you would ..Discipline is the key...when you turn on
    your computer and begin a trading day do you stay
    disciplined in your trades? have a trading plan next
    to you and follow it? Discipline again, I had to learn
    the hard way by not having discipline no plan in my
    trading, I was out of control over trading just riding
    on my emotions till I lost over $25,000 in my account!
    your success has been right in front of you all this
    time and many of us ignore it..Confront ..discipline
    it works I'm starting to see how if you lack discipline
    in ''any'' parts of your life your trading will suffer
    as well.... I feel so strong on this word that I
    wanted to share it ....thanks!

  2. Yeah. To paraphrase another Ed, Seykota, everyone gets what they deserve out of life.

    Van Tharp devoted an entire 174-page volume of his classic 5-volume "Peak Performance Course" to the subject.


  3. Yeah i read that too, shame it doesnt work, atleast for me. Im way to undisciplined for any book to help me.
  4. Imo, a resulting positive side effect of self-discipline is consistency (slow and steady wins the race). Bringing self-discipline to the market and getting unpredictable results takes its toll.
  5. Thanks for sharing the word. The 4D in my ID means Discipline, Discipline, Discipline, and Discipline.

    I have had no problem with discipline in achieving something in my life, until day trading.

    It takes so much efforts to control myself in day trading. If losing money hurts physically, trading discipline would be much easier. Successful traders were usually hurt deeply many times (reaching physical level, I believe) in their learning years. I don't buy the BS of "born traders," I believe in disciplined traders.