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    Take out the "if" and keep it your head as a "do", or "Now that I maintain discipline every day I trade very profitably!!"

    There are only 2 steps to great success:

    1. Find a profitable system (preferably as simple as possible)

    2. Follow it religiously without hesitation.

    Best of luck
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    Ahh, excellent. Yes, one of the very first ways to change the results, is to change the vocabulary and the attitude.
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  3. chewing tinfoil and shaving my head with a cheese-grater breeds discipline. I want to stress though, that this method may not work for everyone.

    ... in addition to being good for shaving my head -- I also use the cheese-grater for some of the hard (AND "FINE") cheeses that I supply to Mr. Market!!

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  4. And what made you think anyone wanted to see that picture?
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    Until I get that thought out of my head, my teeth will be very sensitive. :)
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  6. for the most part, I swing trade just one stock. occasionally I scalp, but since I've studied this one largely traded issue (average daily volume of 34 million per shares)....

    With that in mind, I set my alerts for certain ranges, whether it be shorts on the high trading end or buys on the long ends.

    My best trades come when I stay close to my rules and alerts. Occasionally during the work day, I fine tune these.

    I say what others have said earlier, stay disciplined, and losing money should be a learning experience that you hope to avoid.
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