Disciplex Simplex and Laius Complexius: a fairy tale for understanding economy

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    Disciplex Simplex and Laius Complexius: a fairy tale for understanding economy
    Here's a list of a few main characters :

    - Laius Complexius : a Scottish Lord who dilapidated his whole fortune for gambling and women and when ruined had to find some alternatives. The character and life will be inspired from famous John Law: after killing a man in a fight he will find refuge in France and will be introduced to the King.

    - Disciplex Simplex: his companion, completely illiterate and often treated as an idiot by his master whereas he is full of common sense. It is him who will play the role of the Candid man.

    - Grand' Gabelle: the King of France, well reknowned for his fiscal injustice, his name comes from the Gabelle Tax paid in Salt since the 13th century. After a devastating and ruining war with England, he has also to find some alternatives for restauring the Finance of the Kingdom and so Laius Complexius will come to him as personified Providence.

    - Cardinal Beastie: the Chief Minister of France . The people hate him more than the King as he appears to be the effective ruler and because he was more and more taxing the peasants while the nobles - like himself - didn't have to pay it. At the arrival of Laïus Complexius his power will have to diminish and the two men will have to fight each other one to conquest it, the other to keep it.

    - Robin of Nuts: A noble whose father was former Minister of the King but unhappily executed after Cardinal Beastie plotted against their family by accusing his father of being a treator by making some compromises with England. Before the disgrace he was in love with the the daughter of King of France.

    - Bella Angelina: the daughter of King of France. Although Robin of Nuts has been degraded from his nobility, she still wants secretly that one day he will prove the innocence of his father and so will recover his legitimacy and confiscated assets.

    and others to come with more inspiration