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  1. I use eSignal strictly for Level II and nothing else. It's disappointing that the Time and Sales data doesn't show the exchange codes for Nasdaq stocks. For example, "Q" or "C" for Cincinnati.

    Also, the T&S time is rounded off to the minute. For example, a trade made at 12:05:01 and a trade made nearly a minute later at 12:05:59 are both displayed as 12:05. This makes reading the tape a lot more difficult for what I'm looking for.

    Nasdaq's Level II service offered through money.net, and costing a fraction of eSignal, shows both the exchange codes and the time of trades in seconds. I don't understand why eSignal doesn't?!

  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    It sounds as if you are using just the limited vertical ticker display within the Level II window.

    Try opening a true Time and Sales window ( Right-click, select intraday history, then Time and Sales ). You'll see trades noted in seconds here.

    Overall, the Nasdaq Level 2 window is being replaced by a Market Depth window to handle Super Montage in version 7.2 (currently in beta and due out later this month ). You'll see quite a few changes initially and many more to come as we add direct ECN lines from Island, Arca, and Instinet. For more on the 7.2 beta, please visit here:


    For more eSignal information, please join us at eSignal Central and check out our new File Sharing and Product Training sections:


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    eSignal Support eSignal

    We are still working on the new Market Depth window so any and all feedback you can provide will help us make some further tweaks before the release later this month. If you are not already participating in the beta discussion on eSignal Central, here's the link:


    We are trying to both duplicate and enhance the features of the existing NL2 window into this new Depth window but not all changes might make it in with ver 7.2. Work will continue until the new window meets with our customer's expectations.

  4. ramuk


    Last I heard and checked, these ratios are unavailable in eSignal.

    Will they be available soon ?
  5. Quote from ramuk:

    "Last I heard and checked, these ratios are unavailable in eSignal.

    Will they be available soon ? "

    Do it yourself.

    If a data provider starts sending out these ratios, then the next guy will be asking the the 10 day average of all the ratios and so on and so on.

    Let these people do what they're SUPPOSED to do, no multiply or divide for you!
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    Do it yourself.


    I asume you know hte symbols for the put and call volumes
    in eSignal. What are they ? Perhaps I overlooked, but I am
    unable to find them.
  7. ESignal is great as it is... legitimate data service for the price...

    I hope they keep the service at it is, just don't mess up the quality by getting overwhelmed by the stupid demands...
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