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  1. Yet another MrMarket thread disappeared today. It was very annoying to me as I had prepared a post and the thread was gone when I tried to post. I know the moderators are doing their best, but this is getting ridiculous. It's one thing to remove obvious spam or other violations, but this was a thread where the guy had posted his entire trading record and there were multiple pages of intelligent commentary on it. How is that a problem?

    I suggest in the future that if a substantive thread is killed, the moderators post a brief explanation of what they did and why.
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    Clearly there are some people who are interested in mm's investing approach and others who are not. Perhaps those who are interested may also be interested in joining his Yahoo group.
  3. I'm not trying to start another debate on MrMarket. I could as easily say that those who find his threads so upsetting could just avoid them. For some reason that approach is not good enough for a couple of self-appointed censors. What I am saying is we need some consistency and transparency in removing threads. The thread in question was not a flame war, people had invested time and thought in discussing issues, then poof it's trashed with no explanation.
  4. dude.....

    i'll be the first to say i can't stand mrmarket's crap, but i don't ask for him to be banned, censored, or have his threads deleted!!!

    i know enough to not read his threads if i don't want to and/or i can put him on ignore.


    because so many people are whiny bitches, now my sh!t is getting deleted, too. :mad:

  5. and perhaps those who are not will refrain from polluting his threads here .. {{HINT}}

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    I didn't ask that he be banned, censored, or that his threads be deleted, "dude". Deleting threads accomplishes nothing since they can be started again with just a few keystrokes. And even if I had, I doubt that ial is going to pay any attention to what I want or don't want.

    You've become considerably more hostile since you changed your name. What's up, "dude"?
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    I've noticed that too. It's unfortunate but I suspect as #1/GG has gotten more confident in his trading any pretense of humility has gone by the wayside.
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    He was promoting his Yahoo group within the thread. I think that is considered advertising.
  9. so. how is he profiting?
  10. absolutely not! i am pretty much never REALLY mad at anyone here on ET. i exaggerate a lot of my emotions just to get things going. i consider no one on ET my enemy or anything. for example, even dbphoenix; we've disagreed a lot but i still don't hate the man. i think many times it is easy to take people the wrong way on the internet since there are no facial expressions, body language, etc. i am almost always just trying to have fun.

    i would also like to say that, although i don't know who deleted the thread, even if it was inandlong, i still think he is a great guy! civilized men can disagree on an individual issue and still have respect for the other person.

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