disappearing posts

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by pumpkinhead, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Alot of peoples posts are disappeared.
  2. Sashe


    This is a private forum and moderation is logical to suit he owner's best interest
  3. This will usually cause missing posts:

    - pink sheet stocks and/or small caps under $5

    - totally ridiculous posts/threads not related in any way to trading (*usually*)

    - links to competing sites

    - SPAM

    - disparaging remarks about ET advertisers or mods

    Check sentence at beginning of "Trading".
  4. zdreg


    are you saying the owner is preparing to sell and controversy would inhibit the sale.
    are you saying certain moderators are quicker to hit the delete button then the buy or sell button.

    what makes u thinks that more posts are disappearing than usual?
  5. Pekelo


    I was just tinkering with this new software, that allows me to edit/delete posts on any message board.

    Sorry, my bad, won't happen again...
  6. i don't think so.

    there is a lot of repeated and stupid threads around tghs days.
    So, i agree if they delete some of them.
  7. zdreg


    we are talking about disappearing posts not disappearing threads.
  8. harmless


    I have been on ET for long time

    I have ability to change IP at will, so they can't get rid of me

    but yes ET baron and mods will delete things that are a threat to them

    I posted a simple question one time

    asking if Baron himself is a trader

    a simple question

    next thing you know I am deleted

    I was once deleted just because of a poem I wrote

    a good one I thought,

    so YES, ET is not an objective place

    ET is like CNN, good info (sometimes) :)
  9. I had a bad experience on a certain Ny sports team site that I really enjoyed participating in. They ganged up on me because of my witty and over the top take on things...( I have ability to change IP at will, so they can't get rid of me...) Sure would like the software that makes THAT possible. ~ stoney