disappearing crossovers?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by wb5983, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. wb5983


    I'm using a MA crossover system and the crosses that "weren't" are driving me nuts. I'm using Quotetracker and Sierracharts. Any suggestions? TIA
  2. Better software ...
  3. dottom


    Don't enter a trade based on MA xo until bar is complete.
  4. balda


    Same problem on TS
  5. An MA crossover system should NOT generate a signal until the bar closes to avoid false positives. If it is, then it's coded wrong.
  6. mgkrebs


    turn off update on every tick.
  7. guido


    M.A works only when there is a strong trend, so in a choppy market you get most of the time false signal and to late. Don't enter a trade based on MA, i wish it was so simple but it not!!
    Try to read PRICE and VOLUME.
  8. dottom


    I don't think it's the coding, but that most realtime charting software update price & indicators every tick, so many people take signals before the bar is complete. This is not exclusive to MA xo's but can create "false signals" with other methods as well.

    The key is to wait for the bar to complete.
  9. That is a coding issue - it's one thing to update a stochastic as the current bar changes and quite another to generate an actual "signal" intra-bar. The generation of an actual signal should only occur at bar completion.

    Now for those looking at updating moving averages intrabar and seeing their own "crossovers" rather than a SW generated signal, that's an issue of operator error.
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