Disable IB TWS Auto Log Off timer

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  1. In IB TWS, there is Auto Log Off timer setting. Does anybody know how to disable this. I run my trading program from Sunday to Friday. So I'd like to run TWS without auto logging off. Currently I have to change auto log off setting manually 1 or 2 times a day to prevent TWS from logging off automatically(for example, at 9AM I set it to log off at 9PM and at 9PM I set it to log off at 9AM).
  2. You can't without an external piece of software. I've never figured out why and IB has never offered any reasonable explanation that I've ever seen. I've used IBController for years and it does the job beautifully by always resetting the logoff time just before TWS is about to exit. It also automates logins as well. Very handy! Here you go...

  3. TY I've been in need of this too.
  4. Yeah, requiring a shutdown once a day is so 90s...
    And no explanation = IB culture.
  5. memory leak, needs reset to prevent crashing or freezing. :p
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    As far as I remember, if you login to the Gateway instead of TWS, there is no logoff timer. The gateway is leaner than TWS and has lower memory leaks, logging off and rebooting PC once a week is usually sufficient to restore the memory.

    But you would obviously need to use a third party front end for order entry. And it might be a good idea to keep IB Web Trader open in the browser to double check if orders are executed properly.
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    how do i login to the Gateway and trade via Ninja Trader? i login to TWS but dont use TWS's book traders but NinjaTrader.

  8. new versions of TWS on Windows
    go to Start->Interactive Brokers->IB Gateway->IB API, logon
    go to Configure->Setting->API->Socket Port

    ensure your NinjaTrader point to the point number.:)
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    Hi Everyone~
    Can anyone tell me that how to let TWS still working and not logoff within 24 hours. I know we need to use the IBController to control TWS and now I got changed the codes in "sampleIBControllerStart" to let TWS auto login with username and password. But can anyone tell me how to add "IBAutoClosedown=no" into the sample?
    I will be appreciate your answers. Thank you!
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    Look in the IBController.ini file.

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