dirty specialist trick against scalpers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by howardy2k, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. a scalping scenario:

    say u just bought x number of shares and now ur trying to sell a few cents higher. how many times have u seen him lowering his ask with the same exact number of shares u have just bought? also notice how he will keep lowing his ask until the trade has gone against. once he realizes that u are about to cry uncle, he will change his bid size to match exactly the number of shares u have left. from my experience, i have found that he will get ur shares no matter what. the longer u hold the more pain ur going to feel.

    i have seen it way too many times to think its just a coincidence.

    am i paranoid? :confused:
  2. no you are not paranoid, its a conspiracy
  3. you are not paranoid, they are REALLY after you. :)
  4. you might be paranoid and they are after you.... gotta cover all the bases here.
  5. If there's no edge don't trade it.

    No, you are not paranoid... just delusionary...
  6. Are you trading a stock with an average daily volume under 5K? If so, you may be right.

  7. solid


    happens all day long everyday, unless you are trading a liquid stock. specialists are scumbags, if i ever meet one i'm going to drop him.