Dirty little secrets

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  1. Behind every successful man, there is one or more dirty little secrets. Clinton is an example to let you know what I am talking about, but not necessarily that little secret but many other kinds. So my questions to you, if you are a successful traders and don't mind to share with us, is that what your dirty little secrets are. You are also welcome to enumerate all dirty little secrets of other successful men you know.

    P.S. I am not just trying to find out the secrets that lead to success.
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    When i was in the first grade we had a blizzard one morning and my mom made me go out to scoop the snow. Pretty soon the bus showed up so i ran to catch it. I showed up in school in my PJs and people still remember it to this day like 20 odd years later. It could have ruined my life, but I pressed on. :)

  3. this gets my vote for "funniest freaking post ever"
  4. last week, i play a game of 'smile like a doughnut' with your daughter.....followed by a friendly round of 'hide the monster'....
  5. you must be from AK or KY where kin is in.
  6. no einstein.....the comment refered to HIS daughter, i.e. not MY 'kin'........
  7. HARD WORK!!!
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    original thinking and persistence
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    Actually I use to get seriously charged up and then sit all night at my computer seeing what systems my brain came up with.

    Here I am!
  10. A successful trader knows his or her limitations. Add in excellent money/risk management skills and you have a successful trader. Also using just a few trends that show repeating successful results is paramount also.:D
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