Dirt cheap 4-monitor stand + monitors?

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  1. Looking for recommendations for a 4-monitor setup. I currently have two GeForce GTX 260s for a 2-monitor setup in SLI, but want to disable SLI and go 4 monitor.

    I am trying to not get caught up in the expensive hardware trap, however. My current two monitors I love a lot and do not want to get rid of them. What's the easiest way to add 4 monitors, and what are the cheapest passable trading monitors? Note, the 4 new monitors I want to add are mostly just for displaying information and won't be used too much to stare at, so they do not need to be expensive but just need to show information.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I do not know current pricing but I want to comment on the quality of various monitors.

    I purchased 2 new Samsung 21" monitors three years ago and I had to send them back because of some connectivity issue. As they came with 3yr warranty it was taken care of right away at their expense but one of them developed a streak later caused by faulty LCD cells and I sent it back once more.
    I would be hesitant purchasing Samsung at this point.

    On the other hand my two 24" Acers that I got to replace Samsung's (when they were stolen) are running without a hitch.

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    i think these accommodate up-to 24" monitors. And they are squares so even if you have different sizes - you should be able to set them properly.

    Holds Widescreen displays up to 24"
    VESA 75 x 75 mm or 100 ×100 mm Compatible
    Height Adjustable
    Heavy-Weighted Metal Base Which Also Can Be Bolted, Easy To Install
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  7. There are Several Stands to choose from, depending on how many monitors you would like to run.
    The Supplier is " Tyke Supply ".
    I have searched the internet for the Best Prices with the Most Features
    and this is what i cam up with.- $76.89- 4 monitor stand.


    i could not load the link because it was not in one of the proper file formats that was saved on my computer.
    try and copy past the above address i provided in your address bar to be able to see this page.
  8. Looks like the above link works, my bad.
    These Stands are desk mounted, but they offer 2 monitor , 3, 4 and 6 monitor Stands to meet your requirements.
    They seem to have Good reviews from buyers, and after reading about these Stands and how well they are made, i thought some folks may also be interested in this line of product.
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