DirecTV DSL replacement suggestions?

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    On January 16th, DirecTV DSL will be shutting down operations.

    So, I have until then to find a new DSL provider.

    I've been looking around, but am having trouble finding a service with a static IP like I had with DirecTV DSL.

    Has anyone out there that is in a BellSouth service area had any luck finding a DSL provider that offers a service at a reasonable price with a static IP?

    I already have RoadRunner, but I like a backup. DSL is much faster than RoadRunner anyway.

    I've contacted some, but either no ISP or I'm too far away from a primary CO. (If they're a Bellsouth partner, they can use a Remote site and give me full 1.5M.)



    EarthLink Announces High-Speed 'Safety Net' Program for DirecTV DSL Customers
    ISP With Largest National High-Speed Footprint Announces Special Offer for
    Customers to Stay Connected and Switch to EarthLink High Speed Internet
    ATLANTA, Jan. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- EarthLink (Nasdaq: ELNK) today
    announced a High-Speed Internet "Safety Net" program enabling eligible DirecTV
    DSL customers to easily transition their service to EarthLink high speed with
    no activation and equipment fees. New, eligible customers can transition to
    EarthLink DSL and pay only $21.95 a month for the first three months of
    service. In addition, EarthLink is offering customers a dial-up promotion
    featuring 45 days of free dial-up Internet access, as well as special offers
    for new customers opting for EarthLink's high-speed cable or satellite
    service. DirecTV DSL, which serves approximately 160,000 customers, announced
    in December that it would cease operations later this month.
    "At EarthLink we know how customers value their high-speed connection.
    Our "safety net" program allows those facing disconnection to transition to
    EarthLink high-speed with a minimum of hassle and no equipment and activation
    fees said Keith Gallagher, director of high-speed brand marketing, EarthLink.
    "New customers will enjoy EarthLink's award-winning high-speed Internet
    service featuring Pop-Up Blocker, spaminator, and 24/7 technical support."
    DirecTV DSL customers interested in switching to EarthLink can call
    1-800-EarthLink or visit to learn more about the Safety Net
    program. New DSL customers will pay only $21.95 a month for the first three
    months, pay no activation or equipment fees and get free personal firewall
    software for added security. EarthLink also has special offers in place for
    their award-winning cable and satellite high-speed Internet service.
    About EarthLink High Speed Internet
    With more than 681,000 high-speed subscribers, EarthLink is one of the
    leading broadband Internet service providers. EarthLink is the only ISP to
    offer high-speed Internet access nationally through all three major broadband
    technologies: cable, DSL and two-way satellite. Its commitment to offer a
    variety of broadband technologies through multiple vendors allows EarthLink to
    offer its high-speed services to customers in more areas of the country.
    About EarthLink
    EarthLink is the Internet service provider (ISP) solution for an impatient
    world. Headquartered in Atlanta, EarthLink has earned a national reputation
    for outstanding customer service and its suite of online products and
    services. According to J.D. Power and Associates, EarthLink is ranked Highest
    in Customer Satisfaction Among Dial-up ISPs and tied in the ranking for
    Highest Customer Satisfaction Among High-Speed ISPs. Serving approximately
    4.8 million subscribers, EarthLink offers what every user should expect from
    their Internet experience: high-quality connectivity, minimal drop-offs and
    ISP-generated intrusions, and customizable features. Whether it's dial-up,
    high-speed, Web hosting or wireless Internet service, EarthLink provides the
    tools that best let individuals use and enjoy the Internet on their own terms.
    Learn more about EarthLink through its Core Values and Beliefs or by calling
    (800) EARTHLINK and visiting EarthLink's Web site at .
    For further information please contact David Blumenthal of EarthLink,
    +1-404-748-7316, .
    SOURCE EarthLink
    -0- 01/02/2003

    /CONTACT: David Blumenthal of EarthLink, +1-404-748-7316, /
    /Web site: /

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