Director Of IMF Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault

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  1. elon


    A man who reaches that high a post is not going to do something that stupid.

    Rich man + in a hotel + in a foreign country = discreet escort.

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  2. the French call it "room service"
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  3. I can't believe this story is front line everywhere, despite his questionable past, and this man still deserved a fair trail, picture of alleged accuser isn't to be found, name have been withheld, the hotel is own by a French company, anyway, this whole thing is publicly blizzarding cross entire news world, timing and motive are questionable.

    Another story which destroyed a man (school teacher, Sean Lanigan) life with false accusation, which had little media attention at all.

    Man is innocent until proven guilty.
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  4. Boris Schlossberg posted this on

    The saga of Dominique Staussk-Kahn has taken yet another twist with his lawyers claiming that the IMF chief accused of sexual assault on a maid in midtown New York hotel, had an ironclad alibi for the time in question. According to French radio RMC, Mr. Kahn was having lunch with his daughter at the time when the sexual assault supposedly took place, his lawyers say.

    According to this report Mr. Kahn checked out of the hotel at noon, an hour before the events allegedly took place. He was scheduled to have lunch with his daughter, a graduate student at Columbia University in New York, that day.

    If this alibi can be confirmed via electronic records and eyewitness reports, the focus of the story will quickly turn to the other side of the Atlantic staright at the Presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy. Mr. Kahn’s supporters have argued that the IMF head may have been a victim of a conspiracy to besmirch his character in order to prevent Mr. Kahn from entering the French Presidential race where according to the latest opinion polls he was favored to beat Mr. Sarkozy as candidate of the Socialist party.
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  5. This stinks of a smear not too different than assange & wikileaks.
    Strause Khan threatened the reserve currency status of the dollar.

    The IMF is trying to move the world away from the U.S. dollar and towards a global currency once again. In a new report entitled "Enhancing International Monetary Stability—A Role for the SDR", the IMF details the "problems" with having the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the globe and the IMF discusses the potential for a larger role for SDRs (Special Drawing Rights). But the IMF certainly does not view SDRs as the "final solution" to global currency problems. Rather, the IMF considers SDRs to be a transitional phase between what we have now and a new world currency. In this newly published report, the IMF makes this point very clearly: "In the even longer run, if there were political willingness to do so, these securities could constitute an embryo of global currency." Yes, you read that correctly. The SDR is supposed to be "an embryo" from which a global currency will one day develop. So what about the U.S. dollar and other national currencies? Well, they would just end up fading away.
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  6. French media report he was not in a 3K but a 500$ a night room for which he payed himself.

    Who knows right...
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    guilty or innocent - it shows you how easily you can be set up. We need to enhance our constitutional protections we have.... not eviscerate them.
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    As this debate is becoming so much frogcentric, here's a link in french which adresses most of the points, including the suite upgrade and the 12 or 1pm time of the altercation :

    Besides in french medias, DSK is largely depicted as an unpredictable sexual predator, which would possibly explain such an "awkward" behaviour within US territory.
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  9. As disgusting as it sounds, rapists said their most exciting sexual experiences was raping, when they were interviewed in prison.
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  10. isn't it the same hotel where Clinton demonstrated his dick to Paula Jones?
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