Director Of IMF Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault

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    there is a shortage of good men or women judge a book by its cover.
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  2. If it's not true it is too good to be true. Are you effing kidding me----sodomized a maid? Really!!! Oh come on. But stranger things have happened. D S K was on his way to discuss Greek finances you think he could have waited until he was in Greece or France where sodomizing maids and countrymen is met with a shrug and/or applause.

    Face it he effed with the wrong amigo and will be forever disgraced........
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  3. The guy must be fucked in the head to some extent, the news said he was naked and chased the maid around the rooms trying to rape her. He could just got a $1000/hr hooker easily in manhattan, something must be off.

    That or it was a setup. And it doesnt matter if he's found guilty or not, his chance of running for president is gone and most likely his job even if it was proven the maid made the whole thing up.
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  4. THE dIRECTOR of the IMF FUCKED a maid in the ASS
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  5. Why was Stauss-Kahn in New York ? He went there instead of flying direct from Washington to Berlin, first stop on a European tour and first meeting set with chancellor Merkel of Germany. To reassure Merkel that the next bailout of Greece would cost little to German finances, that the euro would stay strong and credible because the US dollar was now close to terminal meltdown - and was receiving special treatment from the IMF.

    The selective demonetization of the US dollar, the world's prime reserve currency. The basic plan is simple: cancel and dishonor debts in US dollars through reducing or completely stopping dollar convertibility, for example by limiting the use and the holding of the US dollar to US citizens, only. To create and launch a new reserve currency, linked with the dollar, at a very favorable double conversion rate for the dollar: debts in dollars will be depreciated; holdings in dollars by US citizens and US-favoured corporations will be appreciated, when the new money is introduced. The inflation which comes with this will help mask the depreciation of debt and appreciation of holdings.

    Federal officials invited Strauss-Kahn to New York, arranged the hotel and travel, and set the agenda for a final review before going public on Strauss-Kahn's plan to roll US debt into European debt, in which the Federal Reserve, and all its State banks, as well as European central banks would disappear. We know what happened next...
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    Strauss-Kahn has always had affairs but here it seems fishy.

    Here's how I think it happened. He was taking a bath when the maid entered thinking there wasn"t anybody in the room. He gets out naked of the bathroom to see what is happening. She sees him naked and starts shouting. Him being the Tom Jones that we know starts laughing or smiling whatever. The girl continues to shout and probably start asking for help. He realizes he is in trouble and starts to chase her to calm her or whatever. She escapes. He realizes he is deep trouble and head to JFK leaving some of his stuff in the room.

    I don't see him trying to force her to make a fellation ( it is a fellation in the french media ), but I would like to see the photo of the girl to be sure. I bet she hasn't been harmed or even touched at all. Anyway DSK career is over right now whatever happens during the trial. We will get 5 more years of Sarkozy in France which means 5 more years of finance bashing and transaction tax promoting at the G20...
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    I wouldn't bet DSK presiding France in the name of the socialist party would still be much of a crusader of state spending restrain or share more finance friendly views than Sarkozy, but I quite agree with your vision of the latter's governing.
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  9. His vision on Sarkozy's views on finance is rather wrong actually I would think.

    Under Sarkozy's reign French banks have managed to expand significantly on a global scale with it's biggest fish BNP actually becoming the world's largest bank by a large stretch.

    He might talk different but in reality his loyalty lays quite clearly with the (French) world of finance.
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  10. Nope, arrested. Diplomatic-immunity does not apply in this case.
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