Directional Option Trades

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  1. Hi,

    This month I started using a new SPY option trading system that I would like to post live on this journal.
    Attached is the results of this system since inception.
    Trade No. 1 through Trade No. 49 are "back-tested' trades using accurate SPY data that had been used in my previous trading system
    with actual trades.
    I started executing actual trades on Trades No. 50, 51 & 52 and posted them live in a thread called "My option trades" in the Option Forum. All trades will be posted live in this journal.

    "My greatest hope here in this journal is that other "directional" option traders join me here and post their trades, idea's and thoughts on anything involving directional option trading."
    It can be stock options, index options, ETF options.....etc.....
    and any trading method.....charting...mechanical trading systems...pivot points...etc

    Welcoming all directional option traders to join in,