Directedge ECN

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by stock777, May 3, 2006.

  1. Anyone have a clue as to what the deal is with this.

    New ecn, anything special about it?

    It's on IB platform fyi
  2. i beleive they bought out the company Attain so now they own the ecn ADFN as well......from the way i understand it....and i could be completely wrong......but i think Knight owns DirectEdge which now owns ADFN

    So when i need to status an order i placed on ADFN....i have to call DirectEdge.....where i use to have to call Attain.....

    Hope that helps out a bit
  3. mnx


    Yeah Kinght bought Attain like a year ago and renamed the ECN to direct edge...

    ADFN is just how Direct Edge displays their quotes... It is not an ECN. It stands for NASD Alternative Display Facility.

    here's a link for ya...

  4. Thanks.
  5. do you guys know if there's any other ecn quoting on the ADFN?
  6. mnx


    yeah it's DATA...

  7. weird, I tried picking up both Attain and Data, and they both gave me the same error... according to the guy at the attain ecn desk it means that the quote comes from another participant and the ADFN can´t block itself... so there´s gotta be at least one more ecn quoting ADFN...

    btw... that sucks bigtime.